Recovery Techniques

Foundations for success.

At Adapt, we use a multi-disciplinary approach toward recovery. Our focus is to use movement, specialized exercise, and recovery tools for both the body and mind to reduce the functional decline of an impaired individual and reactivate their central and peripheral nervous systems.

Physical Recovery Techniques

At Adapt, our consultants focus on every aspect of reactivating your nervous system after a neurological trauma or disease diagnosis. We offer more than just physical therapy in San Diego. We use a series of distinct movement patterns and training techniques to increase the production of specific neurotransmitters (BDNF) which have been proven to increase neuroplasticity and axonal regeneration in an injured nervous system. The combination of sensory, motor, and reflex training techniques, referred to as SMaRT Techniques, used at Adapt are specifically targeted towards promoting axonal regeneration and meaningful plasticity that result in the restoration of lost function. Physical Therapy in San Diego

Technological Recovery Techniques

At Adapt, technological advancements and devices, combined with our experienced team, assist in the recovery process in order to help our members achieve their goals in the quickest and safest ways possible.

Rehabilitative technology enhances our methods to maximize functional tasks and neurological development.

Mindfulness Practices

At Adapt, we believe that being in a peaceful and stable state of mind is equally important to recovery as movement and exercise. Because of this, we have incorporated guided imagery and meditative practices into our protocols

We offer private, semi-private, and group meditation suites for you to feel grounded and balance your state of mind. Meditation, put simply, means to engage in contemplation or reflection, or mental exercise for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness.

Part of Adapt’s mission is to uncover the power of mental clarity, meditative and breathing practices as a way to cleanse much of the inner noise that occurs, not only as a result of living with a disabling condition, but also as a result of our constant identification with the outside world. This strategy strives to provide a calm, centered, and positive state of mind that will open pathways to a stronger outlook on life and recovery.

You can conquer your condition.

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