What’s in an Adapt Membership?

Facility & Equipment Access

Whether you are local or visiting, you will have access to our facility at any time of day. Come in and supplement your movement sessions before or after your scheduled training hours or on off-days by taking advantage unlimited access to our facilities state of the art equipment and amenities.

Monthly Member Meet-ups

Adapt’s Member Meet Up Program aims to compliment our mission to assist members in maximizing their life experience. This program is a great place for persons to build their network of adaptive and accessible resources. Additionally, it provides a safe space to express emotions pertaining to a mobility-challenged journey, surrounded by others with similar experiences.

Adapt’s Member Meet Up Program is unique in that it steers away from the common clinical therapy setting, and is actually one of the only groups in San Diego County that is led by a member from the differently-abled community.

Adapt is Peer Mentor certified through the Reeve Foundation. To learn more, click here.

Additional Benefits & Offerings

Strengthening Identity and Purpose

Adapt attempts to Integrate a whole system approach of mind, body, and spirit with each of its members and strive to repair and rebuild individual identity and purpose.  We continually make every effort towards giving our members the tools and resources to have the ability to thrive in an experiential world.

With our community partners we have created an ongoing network of social outings, events and activities for our members to enjoy everyday human experiences.


The 150-square-foot Neuromuscular StimLAB will offer Adapt members NMES services at an exclusive discount. Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) of muscles can be used to attempt to restore or replace function in individuals who have motor neuron damage from varying injuries and conditions seen here at Adapt. Backed by research and science, NMES can play an integral part in the recovery equation to regain neuromuscular function. The StimLAB offers a comfortable personalized experience in our private treatment rooms that accommodate most injuries, diagnoses or movement related disorders. Whether looking to restore function, re-educate muscles or prevent decline the NMES has many proven applications to address each individual’s needs.
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AdaptFit Classes

Our knowledgable team has developed AdaptFit classes to ensure, no matter your impairment or limitations, everyone is able to participate. The class is organized in such a way that it follows a specific sequence to ensure proper technique and a progressive intensity plan.
AdaptFit gets results for our attendees by using constantly varying functional movements at an intensity that is specifically suited to the members needs. These movements can include: Core Exercises, Gymnastic Movements, Olympic Lifts and Cardiovascular Training.
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Adapt Surf Camp

Come and join us for a day at the beach and adaptive surfing lessons. Our monthly surf camp will be held at the Oceanside Harbor North Jetty where all are welcome. Try prone or seated surf boarding with the help of our volunteers or just hang out and have a good time on the beach with us. Whichever you choose, it is sure to be an awesome experience! We look forward to seeing you out there.

Adapt Yoga

Adapt has partnered with Pushing 4 Independence to offer Adaptive Yoga. This class will be available to those with a neurological disease or impairment and will make sure that everyone has the chance to learn the inherent principles of each yoga pose. These classes are accessible to all ranges of function, ability, and experience. While every body is different in it’s strength, flexibility, tension and ability, adaptive yoga is a way to raise your awareness in all of these variables while bringing your mind body connection closer together. Each class will be taught by a lead instructor in a small group setting and will focus on improving range of motion, posture and stability of the joints. The classes will also incorporate breathing and mindfulness into each physical movement to help center and relax one’s inner self.

Service Dogs

Adapt and Paws’itive Teams only place dogs with persons living in San Diego and with mobility limiting disabilities.
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Adapt’s Therapeutic Horsemanship Program

Adapt has partnered with JS Ranch, a local natural horsemanship facility, to provide therapeutic riding experiences for our members. Sessions are available privately or in group classes. Contact us today for more information.
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Adapt Scholarship Program

The Adapt Scholarship Fund is dedicated to the financial supplementation of program costs through the offering of scholarship funds to qualified applicants.
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Adapt Referral Program

Adapt’s referral program offers it’s members the opportunity to earn money back for each new member referred. It’s simple – for each new member referred to Adapt, that referring member has the opportunity to earn 20% OFF their monthly program rate!
Our members even have the opportunity to start earning money back if they refer 6 or more new members to Adapt!

A place for you, friends, family, and caregivers.

When you’re a member at Adapt, not only do you get access to all the amenities our facility has to offer, but your family, friends, and caregivers do as well.

While you’re focused on your Development Movement Sessions, encourage your caregiver or family member to take advantage of our Ground Therapy studio, Guided Imagery, or Lounge Area.


Adapt partners with numerous amazing organizations that come together to help us provide a world-class recovery experience for our members.

The most critical aspect of our work is providing an all-encompassing experience for our members that strengthens the body, calms the mind, and transforms the overall state of wellbeing. Our partners have helped make this a reality.

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