Our minds are the most amazing and powerful thing that we will ever own. When you understand how your mind works, possibilities begin to open up that you could never imagined. You can go from feeling bad about yourself or your situation to feeling happy and grateful in just a moments time using your mindset. You just need to know how to use it, to work for you.

As a mindset coach I teach my clients a mindset tool called, The Model, that literally empowers you to create the results you want in your life. The Model shows you how your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings create your actions and your actions creates your results. The thing to know is that your thinking and beliefs are always creating your results in life. Let me break this down for you.

C- Circumstance
(You have a thought about it)

T- Thought
(That thought creates a feeling)

F- Feeling
(That feeling creates an action)

A- Action
(That action creates a result)

R- Results

Everything is life is a neutral situation but it is our thinking about that circumstance that creates how we feel and the results we are creating. What you believe and think ends up becoming your reality. But the truth is, you control your mind and you have the option to think positively or negatively. If is our job to look for how everything is happen FOR us, not TO us. That simple shift can bring so much freedom.

Use mindset to think positively.

Our thinking over time becomes habitual and at first it might not feel natural to be positive but over time with repetition it will become easier. I had to constantly put positive thoughts in my mind intentional in the beginning. When the negative thoughts tried to creep in I had to press the stop button and then delete. When you look for the positive in your life and make that a habit, you will start to feel a shift.

Use mindset to talk positively to yourself.

It is so easy to speak negative to ourself but it’s so important to start getting into a daily habit of talking positive to ourself. We need to talk ourselves like we would to our best friends. It’s funny, when I really tuned into my negative self talk, most of the things I say to myself I would never say to my friends. Start being aware of the negative self talk that comes up and then ask yourself, would I say that to a friend? If the answer is no, then how can you reframe it in a way that you would talk to your friend. Kindness and love for ourselves go a long way!

Use mindset to be grateful for what you have today.

I am sure you have so much to be grateful for but chances are you do not take the time to be grateful for those things. When I decided to be grateful and stop all the negative thinking I realized I had so much to be thankful for and I began looking for all the things I had and what was working for me. When your come from gratitude you turn not enough into, I have everything I need.

Mindsets is a powerful thing.

But the truth is, you control your mind and you have the option to think positively or negatively. You are always in control of your thinking and the results you are creating. You are empowered to think positive and use your thoughts and beliefs to create a life you love regardless of your circumstances.