Adapt, wherever you are.

Services and benefits are available to Adapt members, no matter where they are. From local facility access, to video conferencing with your recovery consultant, Adapt is a recovery center that strives to provide a world-class member experience.

Local Program

Adapt has created a recovery center where all patrons are members of a community and have access to all of our facility amenities whenever they please. As a member of Adapt, you can take advantage of our common area, therapy tables, community area, kids lounge, Ground Therapy studio, and meditation suites. Also included in membership is participation in peer support groups, standing frame use, access to meditation and guided imagery content, hotel discounts, monthly social events, and a host of other seasonal perks.

Our local programs are designed for those who live in and around the San Diego area, who can easily commute to the facility from their home or place of residence. As a local member, you may already know the area, have a place to stay, and the necessary transportation for your trips to Adapt.

Visiting Program

As a visiting member, you may have questions about where to stay, how to get to the facility, and what to do during the time you are not training at Adapt. We are here to answer those questions. Adapt not only offers world-class training for its members; we also offer an All-Inclusive, Visiting Member Protocol.

Distance Program

Can’t make it to our facility? No problem. We offer a distance membership program which gives your access to our Recovery Consultants monthly via a virtual Skype or Facetime-based sessions. Our Distance Membership gives you full access to the facility amenities when you are onsite, as well as a once monthly remote consulting session with a dedicated Recovery Consultant. You can schedule a session anytime, and from anywhere in the world. Adapt provides a distance consulting service in which you and a caregiver are taken through a training session virtually. In the training session, the Recovery Consultant will evaluate your body and use specific modalities to target your goals for the training session.

During the evaluation process, you or your caregiver will be asked to move your body into different ranges of motion and positions to see what modalities would be best to work in with your body. All that is needed for the training session is a caregiver and an open area to move around, such as a bed or matted floor area.

While this cannot replace the true hands-on work of our Recovery Consultants, it is a great way to keep progress monitored if you are not able to make it to our facility.

Guided Recovery Program

Our Guided Recovery Program combines the best parts of our Visiting and Distance Member Programs. Your lead consultant will not only design a Customized Guided Recovery Program and virtually consult during your in-home training sessions, but they will train your trainer, family member, or loved one at our facility to ensure you have all the tools needed to continue your therapy in between visits to Adapt.

During your Guided Recovery Program at Adapt, we will educate your companion in all aspects of Adapt methodology and customize your training protocol to meet your individual abilities and goals all while getting your companion hands-on instruction and experience working with you and your condition. After you leave our facility, you will be enrolled in our Distance Membership and continue your virtual training with your Adapt Consultant, while also getting the hands-on benefit of having your newly trained companion in the comfort of your home or gym.